JIAYU smart phone, wise choice for you

With good performance and quality, JIAYU smart phone have attracted many people’s eyes. Although it is young, the CPU of its products is made to be more and more advanced. Dual core become common so that people are not satisfied with it. Although JIAYU is a emerging brand,it is developing with good performance.
JIAYU G2F 4.3-inch 4GB ROM MTK6582 Quad-core 1.3Ghz Smartphone
There is a little difference which can satisfy the different demand of people.The first model of JIAYU called JIAYU G2F is worth to buy with favorable price.With 4.3 inch large screen, you can get a comfortable visual enjoyment especially for watching movies.The function of dual SIM card will make your life balanced with work and family.You can clearly distinguish them with two SIM cards of only one smart phone.It has 2.0MP front camera and 8.0MP back camera that can clearly record the wonderful moment for you. With contracted design of appearance, the black and white chosen colors both can show your elegant temperament.

The price of JIAYJIAYU G5 Basic Version 4.5-inch MTK6589T 4GB ROM Quad-core SmartphoneU G5 is high than the mentioned one but it is reasonable. The advantage is its battery and the pixel.The 2000mAh battery can be extend to 3000mAh. You can extend it and won’t be worried about that it will run out of the electricity.It is surprising that it has 13.0 pixels high definition back camera and 3.0 front camera. The photos it takes is such clear as a professional camera.You can take beautiful photos for your families to record happy moment. The same with G2F,it has dual SIM card slot for you to install two cards. The appearance of this style looks like iPhone with contracted design and there are two colors can be chosen: black and silver. It can show your elegant temperament and good taste especially for businessmen.

The different point of the screen between these two models smart phone just is a little.The gap of 0.2 inch is not very obviously different.If you want to get a smart phone with power function of camera,JIAYU G5 will be your best choice.

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