JIAYU, It’s Not Just Cost-effective

There is no doubt that the design of the modern smartphone is “labeled” as ultra large screen, high-cores processor and attractive looking. However, under the circumstance of inadequate sophisticated technology, it is always tricky to follow other’s footsteps blindly. JIAYU is the smartphone manufacturer with surefooted style, their latest product JIAYU G3C has drove in their concept thoroughly.

In the aspect of appearance, there is no big outstanding points to be honest. JIAYU G3C is covered with a plastic fuselage with normal configuration, makes the whole looking neatness and low key. In stead, the display touch screen is just passable, it still uses 4.5-inch multi-touch screen, which is either too large to take it along or too small to operating. The resolution is up to 1280*720 pixels that more than enough to create vivid display effect for consumers.

Whereas, underneath the succinct outlook is a mature and stable processor. JIAYU G3C is equipped with 1.3GHz Quad-core processor. Although it is not the highest configuration among other smartphones, it focus on the stability and maturity. 1.3GHz CPU enable substantial applications running in the same time; besides, no “traffic jam” will make you upset when surfing on Internet, playing large games or handling plenty of editing jobs. It is the optimum choice for game enthusiasm, business man particularly. In addition, well-equippeJiayu G3C 4.5-inch WCDMA Version MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphoned with the multiple functions that create convenience for users has embodied its concept of “sophisticated” thoroughly. Compass, proximity sensor or LED notification can be fully utilized to.

Without exaggerated outlook, aesthetic fuselage or superb configuration, JIAYU G3C is still enjoying good market share by its sophisticated performance only, hence, it is so called the most sophisticated smartphone at present.

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