Is It a Difficult Choice? Comparing Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and mi 9

Many of us use and are familiar with Xiaomi, a really popular brand of smartphones internationally. It is a brand that offers a good selection of phones with strong RAM and world-renowned processor chip (i.e. the snapdragon). To make it more perfect for buyers, Xiaomi products are valued for money spent. For instance, if we compare the feature each Xiaomi phone had, it is comparable to the price tag it carries.

mi 8

Yet, we are still finding it difficult to compare these two versions of Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Xiaomi Mi 9. For example, according to customer reviews in “Banggood”, these two products receive the same five-star rating.

mi 8

In this article, we will make it easier for you to decide, which one of these two shall be the best for your money.

Processing Speed

A determining factor in the processing speed of the phone is its CPU. For its processing unit, the mi 9 wins the contest with its powerful Snapdragon 855. While the Xiaomi 8 SE also has a good processor, the Snapdragon 710 other (efficiency) cores work only at 1.4 GHz, its counterparts, the 855 has a processing speed at 2.4 GHz. If we talk about the prime or main core, the 855 has a speed of 2.84 GHz as compared to 710 2.2 GHz. This difference is apparent in the fact that 855 processor use can result in stronger games and Artificial Intelligence performance of the phone compared to the 710 of 8SE.

Mi 8

Camera Quality

The mi 9 wins this contest also with a strong 48 megapixel (MP) resolution, while the mi 8 SE only has 20.0 MP. Then, this 48-megapixel camera has rated the second-best in the world make it worth every penny.

AI-powered selfie camera

Although these two phones are powered with a selfie camera equipped with AI capabilities, the mi 9 AI is much more improved so that we can take a better masterpiece.

mi 8

Improved fingerprints sensor

With 8 SE, we have a good fingerprint sensor, however, with mi 9, if you have dry hands the scan will still be 20% more optimal, a feature previously 8 SE doesn’t have.

Independent AI button

With AI button access made simpler, mi 9 will be more worth your money, just double-tap your phone and you can have easier access to camera and many other features.

In conclusion, better processing speed, camera quality, AI-powered selfie camera, and improved fingerprints sensor make Xiaomi Mi 9 better worth your money than Xiaomi Mi 8 SE.

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