iOcean X9 Smartphone Presale Is Underway

Bombshell! Banggood releases 64-bit Octa-core iOcean X9 Smartphone at stunningly low cost!
iOcean X9 Smartphone
Eventually, tight-lipped iOcean finally launched another 64-bit Octa-core “monster” iOcean X9 yesterday and it is now presale here at BG, keep reading and enjoy more discount.

Presale phrase one: From 26th April to 16th May, iOcean X9 will be available at $249.99USD retail price, one power bank and one protective case will be followed as gift.

Presale phrase two: From 17th to 27th May, X9 will be available at $249.99USD, one protective case will be sent as attachment.

Presale phrase three: Start from 28th May, iOcean X9 4G will be in sale officially, at retail price of $269.99USD, of course, free protective case will be followed as always.
iOcean X9
Although ultimate retail price and final configuration has yet to confirm by iOcean officially, however, you all can experience how stunning will it be in advance as several parameters has been exposed.
iOcean X9 Smartphone
Like I mentioned above, iOcean X9 Smartphone is powered by 64-bit MT6752 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, upgraded 3GB RAM. Besides, the display touch screen is nothing but 5-inch LTPS screen with 1080P resolution, 440PPI.
 iOcean X9 Smartphone
Though Android 5.0 OS has yet to be confirmed by iOcean, but Android 4.4 is confirmed. In the aspect of camera, it adopts 5MP sub camera and 13MP prime camera with 1080P video record, a genuine Sony camera.
iOcean X9 Smartphone
In short, all configurations above looks pretty aggressive and exciting, but user experience is a part that not to be separated. More first-hand reviews or news will be upgraded very soon.

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