iOcean X7S, A Top Class Smartphone

We are so familiar with those famous smartphone like Apple, Samsung, however, do you know a brand called iOcean that produce top-class performance smartphone as well? As an emerging brand in this business, iOcean has launched its “ultimate weapon”–iOcean X7S, which is well-performed in every single aspects.

Firstly, iOcean X7S adopted fashionable western super slim body design that fits your hand perfectly, combine to black and white colors, demonstrate the whole looking aesthetic and noble. Besides, it used super light and robust frame together with magnalium-alloy-deplored, provide harder tightness and reduce its weight in the meanwhile, it is effective to help to cooling main board according to testing.

Regarding to the display screen, iOcean X7S equipped with an impressive 5.0-inch retina display touch screen with improved hardness. The resolution is up to 1920*1080, the display effect is as vivid as real, provide users an unprecedent decent reading environment and broader perspective. You will find more the enjoyment when playing 3D games.

Under the beautiful appearance, iOcean X7S possessed a powerful ‘heart”. It equipped with 1.7GHz Octa-core high performance processor. There is no doubt that the processing speed is fast and stable. Owning to the 2GB RAM, MT6592 platform, any applications, multiple assignments can be run simultaneously. In addition, Octa-core has its additional advantages–cores management. When handling few applications, just a few cores is more than enough to maintain fast speed and high performance; under heavy programs circumstance, eight cores will achieve peak performance to maintain higher processing speed and efficiency. This new technology benefits on power saving.

Moreover, iOcean X7S is also a smartphone that designed to capture beauty. Built-in a 5.0MP front camera and 12.iOcean X7S 5.0 Inch 2GB RAM MT6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz Smartphone0MP rear camera, perfectly designed for people who fancy auto heterodyne, all valuable moments will be recorded and shared freely. Furthermore, other completed functions are well-equipped, GPS, OTG, Gesture sensing that can fully able to provide more convenience for consumers in daily life.

Overall, although iOcean X7S is not popular as those famous brand, it has enjoyed great reputation of top class performance among the users. It is more than qualified to compare to those well-known smartphone manufacturer.

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