Introducing The Latest And Highest-profile UMIDIGI S2 And S2 Pro Smartphones


Technology is currently changing at an amazing rate whereby it has seen introduction, improvement, and upgrading of a number of gadgets and devices to become more sophisticated. It has also seen enhanced usability and flexibility of the existing devices. This has been attributed to the dire need to come up with robust gadgets that possess helpful features that are convenient and effective. Among the gadgets that enjoy this technology is the ultra-modern UMIDIGI S2 and S2 pro smartphones that have been recently released. They are currently the most improved and highly designed smartphones in the market.


S2 V.S. S2 Pro

The two phones are identical and it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. The only differences that separate the two phones are the processor and memory capacity. The UMIDIGI S2 is powered with 4GB RAM and subsequent P20 SoC Helio, while the UMIDIGI S2 Pro model comes with a RAM of 6GB and an Helio P25 chip. Apart from this difference, the other features are identical. They are made from metal and glass with ultra-thin bezels all around, making them the best ever produced phones by the company.



Unbelievable features and high-performance

UMIDIGI S2 and UMIDIGI S2 Pro come with a variety of amazing features that makes these phones command a greater part of technology. They come with an immense full-screen display of 6.0 inch which offers 18.9 aspects. It also has a 2.5D curved glass with a gorilla glass for protection. The two phones are powered with a 5,100Ah large capacity in-built battery that lasts long and is able to sustain any processing capacity by the phone. This is so far the most powerful battery among a number of smartphones in the market. The battery supports fast charging and they are compatible with Type-C USB port which can be placed at the bottom of the phone.


Excellent design

Everything about these phones is amazing and outstanding from the rest. It has a dual lens high-resolution camera setup of 13-megapixel with 5-megapixel shooter in front which will capture high definition photos and videos. The phones are dual SIM and support the nano-SIM design although you can decide to use one SIM slot in order to increase internal storage. The two phones come in different colors with a total weight of 186 grams that makes it easy to carry in the pocket.


Best you can find at this price

With all these incredible, state-of-the-art features and high-end performance that these phones have, they are cheap and affordable and anybody can afford and enjoy using these latest and technological smartphones.

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