Inseparable DOOGEE DG580 Accessories

Following an advanced consciousness of protection come into being gradually, more smartphone consumers are started to make some purchases of several external accessories in order to exert their device comprehensive protection, DOOGEE DG580 is not an exception.
DOOGEE KISSME DG580 5.5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6582 Quad-core Smartphone
Exactly as you can expect, DOOGEE DG580 Leather case is no other than a prime accessory that we think of instantly. Not for decent decorative effect, not for sleek outward but for simplex protection and convenience disputably. Once putting such a high-quality leather case with tailor-made specification, neither can dust, fingerprint nor compact, shock and bumpy create damages. Besides, similar to most modern protective case, it has inherited viewable window in the front aiming at super convenience. Any vital informations like date and time, incoming calls, messages among others can be seen without unlock the case, which has defined true practicability.
Flip PU Leather Magnetic Protective Case For DOOGEE DG580
Of course, although it is inconspicuous, no one can deny the importance offered by DOOGEE DG580 Screen protector, which was made preciously according to original smartphone. First and foremost, it is easy for installation or removing without leaving any adhesive trace, what you need to install it properly on the device is nothing but a hard card. In addition, seldom do you be haunted with fear like scratch, dirt and fingerprint accompany with this tempered screen protector. Even though the screen is smashed into fragment, it still can hold all debris tightly in case of hurting any one.
Original 2500mAh Battery For DOOGEE DG580 Smartphone
Last but not least, unlike what you imagined, DOOGEE DG580 2500mah battery can replace large and heavy battery power bank with extreme large capacity without a doubt. Not simply because of its feature like small, safe and light, which is burden-less to carry out wherever you go, but it is probably the only and most effective method to solve battery shortage problem instantly rather than spend more valuable time on charging. Sounds old-fashionated and inflexible, you can actually benefit from it substantially.

What is a true completed smartphone? In my kind of view, any device can be called as completed as long as putting the above accessories properly.

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