Why Is It Important To Choose Cubot?

By the time I get in touch with Cubot, I found it beautiful to look but nothing more at my first impression. To be honest, I don’t anticipate anything innovative or high cost-effective come from this unknown domestic smartphone manufacturer, whereas, I found myself totally underestimate its explosive force underneath the gorgeous outlook after experiencing three of their products that launched recently.
CUBOT GT95 4-inch MTK6572 1.3GHz Dual-core Smartphone
GT series is the one Cubot feeling honored, as a latest creation, Cubot GT95 possess with low configuration but incredible cost-effective. Equipped with decent terms and conditions like 4-inch touch screen, dual-core processor and multiple useful applications, for example, flashlight, Email, GPS that provide substantial convenience when necessary. Added to $67 retail price only, how bargain this price is, no wonder it has became the foremost choice for people with less budget, definitely you are convinced by its outstanding cost-effective, saving more money as well.
CUBOT GT88 5.5-inch MTK6572 1.3GHz Dual-core Smartphone
If you are looking for an ultra large display screen, then directly choose Cubot because of its excellence in structuring radiationless, smooth, gorgeous display environment all the time. Cubot GT88 is a masterpiece equipped with unprecedent 5.5-inch display screen, needless to explain how good its broader perspective is, besides, thanks to thoughtful multi-touch design, making the flexibility as fast as possible. Disputably you will get an unforgettable experience by its excellent display screen only.

Regarding to comprehensiveness, how can we not mentioned Cubot GT99, which has enjoyed more than 3042 units sold and the figure is still raising rapidly. 4.5-inch screen and Quad-core processor is standard equipment while 5.0MP+12.0MP CUBOT GT99 4.5 Inch 4G ROM Android 4.2 MTK6589 Quad Core Smart Phonecamera add more entertainment in your daily life. What’s more, plenty of applications are in positions, enable any assistance offered when you are in need or for emergency usage. How considerable it is.

Nevertheless, what if the above feature or tait from Cubot can not convincing you to take it into consideration, you can definitely hold it in your hand, playing for while and experience its excellence, surely you will be fond of it gradually.

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