Huawei Mate 7 Plus Is Coming On 2nd Sept, With Kirin 935 And Force Touch

HUAWEI Mate 7 definitely is my favor smartphone though i have no chance to take a fully advantage of last year, but time flies, Huawei has already confirmed throwing a launch conference in Berlin on 2nd September and releasing a new phone called “the flagship of flagships”.
HUAWEI Mate 7 Plus
Some said that it could be the rumorous Huawei Mate 8, however, further information and spy photo on Internet shows that it is an upgraded version of Mate 7, could be called HUAWEI Mate 7 Plus / Mini, loading 5.7-inch display touch screen and 13MP camera, but without the long awaited Kirin 950.

Mate 7 Plus or Mate 7 Mini?
As the report once mentioned, the phone of spy photo above comes with unibody alloy fuselage, which releases by Shanghai Research and Develop Association. Why it is called Plus Or HUAWEI Mate 7 Mini? It has a smaller 5.7-inch display in contrast with Mate 7’s 6-inch, that’s why people called it Mini. Of course, it loads upgraded processor and specs, presumably, it is reasonable to call it Mate 7 Plus.

Basic specs
What a shame that Huawei Mate 7 Mini/Plus doesn’t carry Kirin 950 processor, just Kirin 935, which adopted Cortex- A53 Octa-core structure, along with Mali-T628MP4 GPU. Meanwhile, it has 3GB RAM, 13MP rear camera with SONY IMX278 sensor and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS, codename is CRR-UL00.
Mystery Force Touch
Of course, all upgrades above can’t amaze our captious Huawei fans, therefore, seems that Huawei is preparing something special. According to exposure from some unknown forum, Force Touch function will come with the phone, seriously? It is still a mystery.

Nevertheless, all these questions will be answered on 2nd September, we will wait and see.

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