HUAWEI Honor 9X: Beauty yet powerful

The Honor 9X seems like a meaningful upgrade over the 8X – there is a larger and notch-free screen, a new triple-camera on the back, a beefier battery, and the captivating glass design stays for another generation.

Honor 9X

The design and display
For an affordable smartphone, the Honor 9X has a big screen. It’s a 6.6-inch display, which is a little on the large side for a smartphone, so unless you have rather big hands it may be hard for you to properly use the device.
The screen resolution is 1080 x 2340, so it’s a fairly sharp display, but the fact it’s LCD may put some people off. LCD screens are generally considered lower quality than more popular OLED-based displays, as they have relatively poor black reproduction and flatter looking colors. Saying that, the Honor 9X has one of the best-quality LCD screens we’ve seen, with colors that seem to ‘pop’ more than competitors.

Honor 9X
The phone has a rather conventional design – it’s quite big, as previously stated, and feels a little heavy too at 197g. It has a Gorilla Glass front, and what feels like a Gorilla Glass back with plastic frame, however Honor hasn’t confirmed its body materials.

Hardware, Software and Performance
The hardware delivers further good news, too. Inside you have a whopping 128GB of storage as well as a microSD card slot. Fair play, Honor.
Performance is on the whole fairly good. The Honor 9X uses the Kirin 710F paired with 6GB of RAM and the now well-known GPU Turbo. General use is perfectly fine, there are no real signs of chugging when you’re using the phone for everyday tasks, the camera launches and takes photos quickly and the optional gesture navigation is fluid and snappy.

Honor 9X

The 9X has Android 9 running through EMUI 9.1.
Ultimately this is an affordable phone, and the hardware more than suits the price tag.

The biggest upgrade to the 9X is in the camera, which comes equipped with a camera that has has three lenses: a main 48Mp lens with a f/1.8 aperture and ½-inch sensor – along with the inclusion of an 8Mp 120° wide-angle lens, great for getting in those extra details, and a 2Mp depth assist lens for any portrait shots.

Honor 9X
Interestingly, although the pop-up selfie camera is 16Mp like its predecessor, it doesn’t feature HDR.

Battery Life
The battery packed inside the Honor 9X is a 4000mAh unit, which will keep you going for quite some time. The battery will easily last you through the day, and then some. This is a great result for any handset; essentially it has a flagship battery capacity but with a processor and screen that are less demanding, so you can squeeze even more life from it.

Honor 9X

Gorgeous design
Large battery
No notch or hole-punch
128GB of storage
Decent main camera

Weak wide-angle camera

The Honor 9X is a solid all-rounder that will satisfy most people’s needs. At this Smartphone is sold for $209.99

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