Huawei Honor 7i Benchmark, 35000+ AnTuTu Points

As it is known to us, Huawei Honor 7i features a specification of Snapdragon 606 SoC+ 2GB RAM (full network version adopts 3GB RAM), along with stability-oriented 1.5GHz Quad-core*4+ 1.2GHz Quad-core *4 structure, Adreno405 GPU. Without a doubt, it is more balanced, more intelligent during heavy-load and light-load working condition, let’s have a look at the benchmark below.
Huawei Honor 7i
AnTuTu Benchmark is an exclusive running software designed for Android smartphone, inspecting the phone completely. Performance of internal storage, CPU, 2D and 3D graphic process, database I/O, SD card reading and writing ability will be present fairly, it is one of a main benchmark software. As expected, 35000+ points shows off how capable Huawei Honor 7i Smartphone is!
Huawei Honor 7i
Developed by Qualcomm, Vellamo is a standard testing program for built-in browser’s performance and stability, including Java script, rendering, Internet, user interface, etc. The higher points it score, the higher browser optimization it goes, which will bound to influence surfing experience and processing performance. As the pictures shows, 1749 points on multi-core test is just prim and proper.
Huawei Honor 7i
Linpack is a popular benchmark for system floating point performance of high-performance computer among internations. For Android smartphone, Linpack software has been simplified a lot, the more points it score, the stronger processing ability it has, the result is given away in Flops.

Obviously, Honor 7i never is the phone for big games or extremely smooth processing smooth, barely will ladies think highly of it by the way. Nevertheless, in the light of performance above, combined with stunning selfie and shooting experience, it is well worthy $409.99, the current Huawei Honor 7i Price to be offered here on Banggood.

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