Huawei ERS-B29 Waterproof Smart Watch

Huawei Company has been in the smartphone making industry for more than a decade now. In fact, they have become one of the best known and reputable brands with products ranging from smartphones, phablets, and ergonomic smart tablets. Huawei features some of the most loved smartphones like the Huawei Mate 10 and 10 plus which have been praised not only for their smart features but also for their competitive performance in the smartphone industry. Huawei has not only stopped at Smartphones and Tablets but has dived into producing some of the most sort smartwatches that makes every sport loving person’s life complete. You might think that with such a small product major mistakes are likely to occur but Huawei has eliminated every problematic chance with their Huawei ERS-B29 smartwatch. Let’s look at some of the features of this smartwatch below.

Huawei ERS-B29

Huawei ERS-B29 smartwatch features

The first look at Huawei ERS-B9 smartwatch will set you thinking about a wristband. You would be right with such a thought as this smartwatch fits perfectly on your wrist as any of your favorite wristbands would do. It holds firmly on to your arm with its soft rubber bands so that you won’t worry of losing such a life-valuable product when you are actively jogging or swimming.


Talking about swimming, now you don’t have to worry about getting your timer wristwatch waterlogged when you are practicing for that swimming contest. Huawei ERS-B29 features waterproof properties to ensure that you can work in wet areas without worrying of spoiling your most loved smartwatch.

Huawei ERS-B29

The display is clear and crisp with an LED display that enhances your viewing when looking at your phone operating relaxed or are actively engaged in sports. Everyone knows that a smartwatch doesn’t become an enjoyable thing if it can’t link with your phone. That’s not a worry anymore. With the new Huawei ERS-B29, you can easily link to your smartphone or even with older generation phones through your Bluetooth. This makes it easier when you want to check on new messages while exercising without having to wake up to get your phone.


On the technical side, Huawei ERS-B29 offers one of the best operating chip in the market. This ensures you can use your smartwatch without it freezing or having speed drags when you are operating. The smartwatch is also powered with a long lasting battery to ensure you enjoy long usage and keep using when your phone is left charging.

Huawei ERS-B29


With such a reputable company and brand you have the guaranteed that even if you purchase the smallest of the products they make you won’t be losing money. Huawei makes your life fun and efficient by giving you the right kind of products that make your life simple, sleek and most productive. With the Huawei ERS-B29, you have the guarantee that your daily sports life will become fun and memorable.

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