How to Choose Between OUKITEL U2 and OUKITEL U7?

Maybe most of you are confused about the mobile phones of same brand, and don’t know which one is more worthy of buying, just like OUKITEL U2 and OUKITEL U7. To help you make a wiser option, we will carefully show you their differences of main aspects.


Coming with the single color of gray, U7 is ordinary in fact. However, OUKITEL U2 Smartphone is more beautiful and exquisite. Made by plastic, CNC crafted line and Aluminium Alloy side frame, along with two timeless colors, black and white, this phone must be unique and gorgeous, easily making you different from others.



Referring to the display, they both have their own characteristics. U7 is designed with 5.5 inch QHD IPS 960*540 pixels screen with G+G touch supported, which greatly broaden the vision, letting you see more than ever. Whereas, U2 carried the smaller one, that is 5.0 inch 540*960 pixels touch screen. But it has Borderless design and Dual 2.5D glass, which not only easily achieves plump and broader viewing effect, but also brings a comfortable holding feeling, just like Jade in hand.



OUKITEL U7 Phone is equipped with Android 4.4, MTK6582 Quad-core CPU at 1.3GHz, 3G WCDMA/ 2G GSM, 2MP front+ 8MP back camera with ISO sensor. On the other hand, U2 installed the latest Android 5.1, MTK6735M Quad-core CPU at 1.0GHz, 4G LTE/ 3G WCDMA/ 2G GSM, 5MP front-facing+ 8MP rear camera with flashlight. Therefore, it is obvious that U2 has better equipment for the faster running, stabler performance, faster Internet speed and clearer shooting it can realize.


Other features

It is attractive that U2 supported OTG and OTA, so that to give a very fast data transfer and connectivity. At the same time, U7 selected Smart wake and Voice recognition, definitely making your operation easier, secure and time-saving.

This cause is rather vital, right? Although U7 is not as excellent as U2 in many sides, it is factually real benefits for the price of US$ 69.99. And the U2 is sold at US$ 102.89, which is an affordable price for the superb smart phone.



From my personal perspective, these two phones are both worth trying. U7 is suitable for those who have no higher demand on phone and wanna spend little money, while OUKITEL U2 is an ideal phone if you can afford it and pursue a higher-performance and beautiful phone. So do you know how to choose the one fitting you most?

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