A Look Into The Honor Huawei 10 Smartphone And What It Has To Offer

Manufacturers keep churning out new phones every day, trying to outdo their competitors and also improve on their previous models. This has resulted in the top of the range phones with features that aim at making the user’s life much easier with every new version. Huawei has not been left behind, producing phone models that give the user the experience of a top-of-the-range phone, at a much affordable price.


The Honor Huawei 10 from Huawei is a smartphone that has been made to match the top of the range phones in the market, at half their price. The Honor Huawei does not just carry features worthy of a much more expensive phone, but also comes in a design that looks like one. It is constructed with the new Aurora glass design, for both the front and back of the phone. The rear has layers of glass that give striking color effects when exposed to light. The edges are polished metal, improving on the overall look. The Honor Huawei has a 5.84″ 19:9 LCD screen covering the entire front beside a fingerprint sensor at the bottom and a notch at the top containing a selfie camera, earpiece speaker and sensor. A headphone jack and a USB-C port are fitted on the bottom edge, while a volume rocker/power button occupies the right side.

With its kind of design, the Honor Huawei is perfect for people who want something flashy and stylish in their hands while looking for maximum functionality. This smartphone houses features that make it fast, and also those that enable you to capture moments in the best quality. If you’re fun loving and looking for a phone to suit your personality while also taking care of your important business, the Honor Huawei 10 is for you.


The Honor Huawei comes with a dual back camera, with 20.0MP and 16.0MP. This two blend to capture photos in their best quality, with the perfect balance of light and effects. The AI-enabled camera recognizes multiple subjects and applies customized optimization in one image. The AI algorithm automatically pairs up images with the suitable camera settings that most suit their context. The 24MP Front AI camera produces sharp and focused selfies, with just the right amount of lightning. This results in professional-looking photos. The AI portrait mode has 3D lighting with studio lighting effects.

The Honor Huawei has an impressive memory of 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM. This is ideal for supporting as many apps as you want, and enough space for videos, audio files, photos and whatever else you would want to store in your phone. The 4GB RAM makes sure that the phone is fast to operate, moving smoothly between apps. With the 128GB ROM, you can record hours of memories on video without running out of space.

The Honor Huawei has security features for the maximum privatization and protection of your phone. It has a fingerprint sensor at the front, conveniently placed under the glass. This enables the fast phone to unlock, and it’s ultrasonic to work with wet hands. It also has an ultra-fast face unlock, making sure no one but you gets access to your phone.

The Honor Huawei 10 comes with a 3400mAh large battery. It charges within an hour and lasts for many hours, providing hours of unending fun and functionality.
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