How High Elephone P6000 4G Reach?

To distinguish which smartphone is better, it is easy, contrast defines the winner, which is a conventional method that we accustomed to. For instance, if you try to figure out how terrific the brand new Elephone P6000 is, I deem that it is equatable to make a comparison to HUAWEI Honor 3C in consideration of overall parameters.

Elephone P6000 5-Inch 4G 64bit MTK6732 1.5GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Sounds slightly unfair, but the fact is, Elephone P6000 is the most inexpensive one (159.99USD currently) among all 4G smartphones and it is also the first 4G smartphone among identical level cell phones. Without a doubt, as a prominent feature, P6000 is sure to win.

OGS screen vs IPS screen

Coincidentally, both of them adopt exactly the same golden 5-inch screen display panel with same 720P resolution but Honor 3C is advantageous because of 294PPI. Anyway, probably the only discrepancy is that OGS screen derive from P6000 is harder while the rest is more faster and flexible in reaction pace. Of course, it is all up to your preference.

MTK6732 64-bit 1.5GHz Quad Core vs MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core
Elephone P6000 5-Inch 4G 64bit MTK6732 1.5GHz Quad-core Smartphone
As priority among priorities, each device has selected a similar 4-core processor but with tiny difference. Take larger internal space and range of integer arithmetic into consideration, surely a 64-bit Elephone P6000 4G is more outstanding, as well as a higher processing frequency and ARM MALI-T760 GPU. However, the one from 3C is more comprehensive and coming with lower battery consumption.

13MP rear camera vs 8MP back camera

In the view of front camera, both of them are in the dry tree as 2MP configuration is way inadequate. Whereas, mention about back camera, undoubtedly an authentic 13.0MP parameter from P6000 is outperform than 8MP, in other words, shooting experience will be a main difference between these two.

Reference price, $159.99 vs $143.64
Elephone P6000 5-Inch 4G 64bit MTK6732 1.5GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Although a cost at 143.64USD of Huawei Honor 3C is at an advantage, which is more appealing, but it doesn’t at an advantage in advancement like OTG, FOTA, 2GB RAM and among any others, unfortunately, P6000 has combined all of these perfectly. As far as figure is concerned, 3C wins, but in the aspect of authentic cost performance, Elephone P6000 4G smartphone is unarguably a better one. It has explained a small hot sale in a way.

Taken as a whole, accompany with excellence above, I reckon why Elephone P6000 is booming gradually has its own reasons.

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