Here is the Most Complete Guide to Help You be the Winner in Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale

Maybe some of you have been aware that Banggood 9th anniversary is coming soon. To celebrate the memorable time and repay your support and trust, Banggood will sell various excellent products at the unprecedented lowest price. Here, we thoughtfully offer a complete guide for you to win in this battle.
Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
(1) Activity Time: September 9th, 2015
Yeah, this is the exactly date of our activity! On this day, you can spend the lowest price on the outstanding products you desire for. All you need is in Banggood Anniversary Sale.
Click here:
(2) Three rounds for your option

Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
Attention! There are 3 rounds in that day, and each of them will last 8 hours. (BEIJING TIME, UTC+8)
First round : 10:00-18:00
Second round : 18:00-2:00
Third round: 2:00-10:00

(3)To clearly know the procedure diagram
Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
(4) To get more details
Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
We offer 20000 coupons and each of customer can only get one coupon.
Coupon Code is 99Annv8, which is only available on Sept 9th.

Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
Tell you a secret that the winning rate is 99%, hence once you join us, you are sure to get rich awards and capture more luck and pleasure.

Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale

Specific various items will be offered at the same low price. You see? The price we give can’t be lower! We are afraid that one round can not satisfy your desire of purchase, so we provide 3 rounds for you to grab.

Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
You can get lucky points depending on sharing Banggood Anniversary on Facebook. Better still, 7 fortune’s favorites make the want of gaining the free gifts become a possibility.

Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale

To your surprise, you can utilize the cellphone to get these cheap prices and easily enjoy the online shopping. Here is the simple method: Scan the two-dimension code and download this app.

Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale
Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale

Just tell us what you think of Banggood, and you may win the chance to get a UMI Iron smartphone.

G. Smartphone & Mobile Phone Accessories
Banggood 9th Anniversary Sale

(5)Tips to wining more bigger awards
1. Pay attention to the exact time that the activity starts.
2. Get through what anniversary product includes in advance, so that you can focus more on the one that you are fascinated in.
3. Make full preparation. Download app on your cellphone and login in your Banggood account on computer in advance.
4. Use reliable, safe and faster browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome.
5. Make sure that the network is smooth and quick. WIFI will be more available to cellphone.

Above is the most complete guide we carefully and thoughtfully offer. We hope that it will help you a lot. And the further details about the anniversary sales products will be posted later. Let’s look forward to the exciting day together!

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