Has No.1 x6800 Outdoor Smartphone Bring Everything We Need?

To be fair, nobody takes latest No.1 x6800 as main smartphone even though when most modern waterproof phone has been civilized substantially, probably because of irritated weight and hideous exterior. However, if we have to, has it bring everything we need?
No.1 x6800
Without top-level IP68 ingress protection, nothing deserves an authentic outdoor smartphone. In fact, x6800 comes with military IP68 ingress protection, which is able to keep 99% dust invasion away and suffer 1.5 meters depth water immersion for 30 minutes.
No.1 x6800
Large capacity
The longer standby time one smartphone carries, the more security you have. That’s true, x6800 carries a 6800mAh battery, which not simply just satisfy the need of smartphone performance but also extend longer call time to perfection, giving better feeling of safe.
No.1 x6800
No.1 x68004G LTE
Telephony is top priority among priorities. 4G LTE sounds slightly unnecessary but No.1 x6800 Smartphone carries single band 4G FDD LTE based on well-equipped 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA, but how 4G LTE turns out? Only experience will tell the truth.
No.1 x6800
Basic specs
In contrast with aforementioned features, how good basic specs are sounds not longer essential, that’s one-side in the view of qualified outdoor smartphone. A terrific waterproof phone should have loaded MSM8916 Quad-core processor, along with at least 1GB RAM, 5.5-inch 720P display and infrequent 13.2MP camera, exactly as No.1 x6800.
No.1 x6800
Of course, as I mentioned above, experience and only experience gives how No.1 x6800 turns out. What do you think about it?

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