Haier HW-W850,a quad-core smart phone

Haier HW-W850 4.5 inch MTK6589 1.2GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Do you think that Haier just produce household appliances? No, the phone of Haier is a nice product,either.Haier HW-W850 is one model of Haier smart phone with high configuration and favorable price.Although it has a simple look,it is worth to select it and you will feel its charm.

It will be a surprise that it carry a 4.5 inch HD screen with quad-core. You can enjoy the image and video of screen comfortably very much.The quad core can make the apps run fastly and smoothly.You won’t worried about it will collapse because of congestion of programs.With this large HD screen, watching video is an enjoyable thing. When you play games, you can feel it run program smoothly for its quad-core.There is 2 point touch screen for playing games, but it won’t impact the normal controlAlthough the appearance of Haier HW-W850 is not figured with only two colors: white and dark blue, its performance is great. You may be dissatisfied with this shortage, but you can be relax that most games and software are only need the screen of 2 point touch. Five million pixels can bring you nice photo enough for recording your wonderful life. You can easily record the scene when you travel in the sights. With the function of dual SIM card and dual standby, it is very suitable for businessmen to build a good relations between work and life. Can you imagine use it to feel the chaim of music? It can do it with unique chamber design of dynamic rock.

The price of Haier HW-W850 will satisfy you with such good performance. Although its appearance is not outstanding, it has two chosen colors can show your elegant temperament according to your preference.

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