Groundbreaking Xiaomi Smartphones Released in 2017 (part 2)

This article is more like an annual review of the xiaomi smartphones in 2017 by listing some of the iconic and popular models and their special features. Within a month, we have to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome the upcoming of the new 2018. In 2017, we have witnessed the massive change of technology and rapid development of smartphone industry. The new, creative and strong vendor like xiaomi, has pushed the whole industry to move forward faster and faster by releasing high-quality but affordable products. Since more and more people have enjoyed the convenience and benefits offered by xiaomi, the brand value and culture concepts have been shared by more and more people.

xiaomi mi 5x

We have reviewed the xiaomi mi max 2 and xiaomi mi a1 above, which are both very affordable xiaomi smartphones with great reviews. For even more higher performance, you need to pay your attention to mi 6 and mi 5x now.

xiaomi mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6

The xiaomi 6 smartphone was released in April 2017 and is the first of the lower price smartphones that use the impressive power of the Snapdragon 835. It comes with 6GB of RAM and a 5.15-inch display that provides eye care by reducing the harmful blue rays without any compromise to the colors. In spite of its accessible price, the xiaomi mi 6 is very resistant and has stainless steel enclosure which protects it over long periods of time. One of its greatest features is the dual camera on the back, with 12MP and optical zoom.

xiaomi mi 5x

Xiaomi Mi5X

The mi 5x smartphone was launched in July 2017 and is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor. Among its greatest features, there is the great 12MP dual camera with optical zoom, the full metal body with rounded, beautiful edges that makes the phone fit perfectly in your hand and MIUI 9. That means, you will be able to enjoy the xiaomi mi 5x’s professional – level camera and the most smooth operation speed. Xiaomi Mi 5x 64GB and Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB both come with high-quality audio guaranteed by the DHS Audio Calibration Algorithm that greatly improves both headphones and speaker outputs, but the Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB is even less pricier.



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