Grab the fastest charger ever to match your hectic lifestyle needs

Are you still using the same old charger that takes more than the required time to charge your mobile? Are you still carrying a charger that is very slow and doesn’t match the current trend? Well, it’s time to change your charger. With the advent of immensely helpful technology and its equipment in the market to serve your technical desires, having a fastest charger is of utmost importance. Quick charger 3.0 is one such charger trending in the market that is not to be missed.


quick charger 3.0Why a quick charger?

A quick charger allows your devices mostly mobile phones to charge at a faster rate than the normal USB cable’s rate of charging. This technology is expected to be compatible at both ends that are the charger and the mobile device for this to work. If your mobile device is compatible to charge at a higher rate say up to 20V but you are using a lower rate, then it is time to gear up with a quick charger. This super fast charger comes with 5 to 20 voltage of charging capacity with up to 4.6 A which is way ahead of a regular USB charger’s job thus making it stand unique. This brilliant device charges your mobile within 5 minutes to provide 5 hours of battery life.


Some of the mobile devices supporting this technology include Xiomi, Samsung Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, LG phones like LG V20, G5, G6, Motorola mobiles, ZTE Axon, Sony XZ, XZ1, Nokia 8 and many more.

quick charger 3.0

What to look for in a quick charger 3.0?

If you are planning to buy a quick charger for your device don’t forget to check the following before you buy –

  • You require a compatible wall charger in addition to the super-fast USB adapter
  • Go for the best in market rates across brands
  • Check the brand’s customer support services
  • Reliability is another crucial point
  • Built quality, model, release date, maximum power supply and most importantly compatible mobile devices
  • Versatility to support two or more devices is a plus
  • Value for money

quick charger 3.0

So what is the big deal or benefit is using such a charger with such a latest technology? Well, in your hectic daily routine, anything that could save your time is a boon. So having this extraordinary charger is essential. If you are still confused whether to give it a try or no, check what other users got to say on this quick charger 3.0.


Many have bought it soon after its release and have found it extremely helpful by charging their multiple devices. They claim it to be a wonderful product with excellent speed, stable enough with no heat issues.


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