Get a good protector to make your Sony phone screen intact

The screen of smart phone is like people’s eye. Everything are displayed from the screen and you can catch many informations.If the screen of phone is destroyed,it will influenced the effect of vision and the enjoyment. So one of the important thing to use smart phone is protecting the screen. Choosing a good and suitable protector can extend your life of phone and keep the screen clear.
Nillkin HD Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector For Sony L39h Xperia Z1
Made from good material,the screen protector which I will recommend has good quality and performance with favorable price.Compatible with the model of Sony L36i and L36, Sony L36i L36h Screen Protector has matte surface for comfortable sense of touch.The sharpening function of screen is super clear of sight that it won’t reduce the definition of display. The function of strong anti-fingerprint is very powerful that is especially suitable for the game lovers.Playing games will be more smooth and convenient to control.And it can protect your phone from dust, scratches and static. In addition to the protection of the phone, this protector also has radiation protection for protecting your eyes from fatigue, dryness and decreased vision. As we all know, the radiation of smart phone is serious and it will hurt your eyes by watching the screen for a long time.So I think this screen protector are very good for your health. The protector is also easy to install and it is designed accurately to fit your phone. You can be assured to control the buttons.Nillkin Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector For Sony L36i L36h Xperia Z

The other one is Sony L39h Screen Protector which is suitable for the Sony L39h smart phone.The function of these two protectors are same.According to the recommendation,I think this style of protector is worth to buy and you will be satisfied with it.

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