Genuine Outdoor Master Is Coming!

Without a doubt, those modern outdoor smartphone which gathered large screen, powerful internal processor, terrific three-dimensional-proof capacity or even 4G LTE together can satisfy the demand from consumer and the market perfectly, however, in the light of pure outdoor use, the coming XP3300 and XP3500 will dominate the whole market.
XP3300 1.77-inch Waterproof Outdoor Mobile Phone With ChargerXP3300 looks pretty close to the design from classic Nokia at a glance only, as a matter of fact, it is more tougher and more durable than the vanished legend. Although it doesn’t come with flashy and large display panel, however, exactly as the tiny 1.7-inch screen, fuselage hardness has been strengthened by a wide margin. Couple that to naturally thick and tempered GE plastic coverage, there is no doubt that extreme condition can’t “threaten” this outdoor master at all.
XP3300 1.77-inch Waterproof Outdoor Mobile Phone With ChargerIn the meanwhile, apart from solid protection in all aspects, XP3300 is outperform than other devices in one spot: phone call. To be character with simple structure and enhanced GSM phone call engineering, a legible, fluent and consistent phone call will be guaranteed wherever you go. In short, a superb overall protection and brilliant phone call like these are essential for an outdoor smartphone.
XP3500 2.4-inch Dustproof Outdoor Mobile Phone With ChargerSimilar to the one above, XP3500 is designed in exactly the same concept. It has a general resemblance with minor difference, the only discrepancies are larger 2.4-inch display touch screen and smaller 4400mAh built-in battery. Although it is a “smaller” battery, however, for a less than 3-inch dimension screen, it genuinely is a lot, no wonder it is freely capable to charge other device as a portable power bank, even utilize as a torch is question-less.
XP3500 2.4-inch Dustproof Outdoor Mobile Phone With ChargerOn the other hand, both XP3500 and the one above will bound to award the halo of outdoor expert, because of brilliant shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and slippery-proof capacity. We are not sure how depth can it “submerge”, but we actually know that it can suffer high pressure up to one ton and liberal to pass the test that falling from 1.5 meters height in any direction, not to mention 99% dustproof ability, how many more outdoor smartphone as outstanding as like this?

Taken as a whole, to find an optimum outdoor necessity, only XP series professional outdoor device is qualified.

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