Four Watching Focus Of UMI Voix Blu Headphone

You must wonder if 50 dollars for UMI Voix Blue Headphone is a bit luxury or even unnecessary, how dare UMI mark a price like that? What kind of staggering user experience and performance can you expect from this stuff?  UMI VOIX BLU EarphoneUMI VOIX BLU Earphone


Inevitably, comfortability is a common spot of any headphone that being discussed the most. As we can see, UMI Voix Blu is processed through 13 degree adaptive earmuffs, 23mm ductile headband and Olympic-level 304 stainless steel metal reinforcing rod, which can even be twisted. It looks flexible but is it just right for your ear, too hot to put on in summer days? Only experience will tell the truth.UMI VOIX BLU Earphone

User experience

Subtle 40mm dynamic driver, A2DP technology, 204 fine vents, 95mm sound chamber, undoubtedly, all these components inside are amazing on their field, but is it a perfect solution if you mix and balance all of these together, will an actual audio experience stunning and enjoyable as we expect?UMI VOIX BLU Earphone

NFC function

Without a doubt, I believe that UMI Voix Blu has successfully made itself stick out of the rest by infrequent NFC function, which allows you to pair the headphone by one simple touch. Whereas, the remaining question are: How does it work? Does it require any additional software or gadgets? Does it work smoothly as other NFC function?


Standby time

As it states, Blue offers 10 hours pure music time and 400 hours standby time, but we got nothing regarding to specific battery figure, presumably, it is sort of durable. In light of high-consumed components above, we are not sure about authenticity of numbers above but giving it a go.

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