Four Doubts Regarding To iMAN i5800C

As some of you may know already, iMAN i5800C Smartphone, the rugged outdoor masterpiece, the “Rock”, will come with IP67 ingress protection, 4.5-inch screen, MT6582 Quad-core and other decent configurations. However, is it really that good?

iMAN i5800C SmartphoneIs it true IP67?
iMAN i5800C is endowed with IP67 ingress protection, in other words, it is totally protected against dust while protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m according to international standard. However, due to different craftsmanship and techs, particular Chinese, is there any difference to international standard?

iMAN i5800C Smartphone2900mAh battery, not enough?
2900mAh coming from i5800C genuinely is decent to be fair as it is an outdoor smartphone which integrated with a series of modern configurations after all. However, in light of a qualified outdoor device, 2900mAh is slightly not enough, not to mention unconfirmed standby time and talk time.

iMAN i5800C Smartphone

Is it a little bit unnecessary or squander loading 3G WCDMA network on iMAN i5800C? It appears to be modern, however, under several occasions like camping, tenting in deep valley or forest, or military training, it is completely out. Furthermore, how’s the performance?
iMAN i5800C Smartphone
Now the price is $119.99 retail cost, good buy?
The final and most important question, is also the one people pay highly attention to. $135.89 for any outdoor smartphone can’t be called as a lot, but cost-effective? Only user experience will tell the truth.

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