Fortitude Outward, Powerful Internal

Named after a famous SUV of BMW, X6, Xiaocai has also endowed their product fortitude exterior and various abilities. As a smartphone designed for outdoor usage, Xiaocai X6 is equipped with all tough elements to survive itself even in any difficulties or tough environments. Surely you will be surprised by its equipment and configuration.

By the solid and fortitude all-around coverage of the device can you know how good its protection is. Came with thick polymer of rubber and plastic, it not only bring a comfortable holding but also offer sufficient resistance against water, scratch, bumpy, dust and any other accidental damages effectively. No wonder it can be taken to anywhere easily, particularly suitable for climbing, camping as communicating tool. Besides, as we all know that communication is essential for any outdoor activities, it is the key to maintain your safety in all situations. Xiaocai X6 has built-in various network supporter, which enable any free calls asking for first aid, assistance when any emergency happens. Carrying this powerful smartphone, you can rest-assured to having more fun on activities, challenging your limit thoroughly.

Don’t be misunderstand by its touch appearance, it is also a comprehensive smartphone. Can you believe that a smartphone can also be a powerful charger as well? Believe in your eyes, Xiaocai X6 is definitely a portable charger because of ultra large battery capXiaocai X6 1.77-inch Outdoor Mobile Phone With Mobile Chargeracity itself. When any of your device is out of juice when necessary, simple just connect it with X6, then you can enjoy wireless charging service freely. On the other hand, combine to flashlight, Facebook, office function, massive standby time and talk time, demonstrate its comprehensiveness by a wide margin.

Overall, there is no doubt that good quality cell phone with upscaled configuration is expensive, whereas, come with less than 40 USD and the above excellence and abilities, surely it should be the foremost choice for outdoor activities. You deserve to own this masterpiece all the way.

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