The Flagship Smartphone: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Review

Smartphones have been the greatest technology of the 20th century with a recent survey finding that an average smartphone user clicks on their phone over 2600 different times a day while the top level users touched their phones over 5400 times a day. Another appealing fact around smartphones is that the chance that a given car accident involved a smartphone is one out four.

Xiaomi had a big show as a mobile device company at the MWC 2018 conference where it showcased their latest smartphone device, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. The company also had a booth at the conference where it sold their mobile devices over the years.


Let us now dive into the smartphone that Xiaomi has recently unveiled, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S.

Xiaomi MIX 2S 64GB


Coming in two different colors, black and white, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is designed in a 7-Series curved aluminum frame with a full-screen display, this device will give you a tech-feel experience you will like. Coming with a 7.5W wireless charging capability, you do not have to worry about battery while on the go. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has put your security at the top of its design with the AI Face recognition capability which gives you full control of your device. So your face will become the only password that opens your phone which helps to keep your information private as you would like.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S 64GB


The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has not left the selfie and photography lovers out. It comes with an AI dual camera of 12MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto giving you the power to take your photo from any angle or dimension you would like giving you a memorable experience. The world is revolving and staying available has never been more important, this handset has taken this into consideration hence its dual sim capability. You can, therefore, communicate as much as you like at any time!

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S 64GB


It also runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with the ARCore technology making it a powerful device to do all the tasks you would want to perform with it. Keeping your information intact is also paramount and so the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has been designed with 128 GB ROM to enable you to keep your information available to you while on the go.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S 64GB

This Xiaomi flagship device has been designed to stand out in the smartphone market with these among its features;

  1. Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
  2. Gyroscope
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Vibration motor
  5. Barometer
  6. Ambient light sensor
  7. Fingerprint
  8. AI Face recognition


The packaging of this handset includes 1 Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S smartphone, 1 USB type-c cable, 1 type-c audio adapter, 1 protective case, 1 US Charger and an eject pin to get you started with your device.

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