Find a Great Pocket Bluetooth Speaker With Little Budget

Are you looking for a smart way to play music while you’re out and about? In that case, we have taken a look at some products that will suit you perfectly! Read along to see our top picks!

 Bluetooth speakers

The three best budget pocket Bluetooth speakers

We have taken a look at three different speakers that are easy to take along whenever you’re going out. Our first top pick is the Xiaomi XMY-X02YM, an aluminum alloy speaker that has a minimal design that looks great. It has a noise reduction technology and provides great sound for a  good price. You can choose between three different colors, and the speaker can be used not only for music but only for calls and audio conferences.

 Bluetooth speakers

The second option we have studied for you is the Sansui T18 Bluetooth speaker. It’s a wireless speaker that is a little bit bigger than the first option. It provides a great sound and is not too big to be carried with you wherever you go. It has dual speakers and works well when you’re watching movies or listens to music. It supports both flash drives and TF cards and also has an AUX input. Of course, it’s also equipped with Bluetooth and connects fast to your phone or tablet. This speaker also comes with an FM radio if you want to enjoy your favorite radio station every now and then.

 Bluetooth speakers

The third and last top pick is another Xiaomi speaker, the Xiaomi AI portable version. It looks similar to the first speaker we recommended, but there are however some differences. This speaker weighs only 52 grams and fits perfectly in your pocket. By connecting it with your phone or tablet with Bluetooth, you can enjoy your favorite music wherever you go. It comes with great bass and an ultra-high volume considering the size of the pocket Bluetooth speaker. It has a built-in microphone so that you can use it as a handsfree as well. It’s made of strong material and doesn’t get scratches.

 Bluetooth speakers


To conclude, we want to start by saying that all of the three speakers above are great products, and it’s up to you to decide which one fits your needs. The prices are low on all three of them. The Sansui has a slightly higher price, but it still costs only around 20 USD. Compared to other speakers, it is a very cheap product. All three speakers are great budget options for you who don’t want to spend too much money on a new speaker. The quality is still great, and all the three has great exterior. If you want a speaker that fits in your pocket,  then number 1 and 3 are the great options for you. But if you want more features, then the second is the ultimate choice for you.

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