Exciting News from the Largest Telecommunications equipment manufacturer

Exciting News from the Largest Telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, that has been established in 1987 and has been known to have overtaken the infamous Ericson in 2012 is now creating a big rush amongst mobile phone users. This company that is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong has been allegedly reported to be creating their own mobile OS which will be a “thing” in the future. Huawei, with the help of their employees and without a doubt, their supporters have been known to come after Samsung and surpass Apple when it comes to being the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world from July to September 2017.

Huawei Honor V10 128GB

So what exactly is the rush they have created?

The short answer is – a new mobile phone. But what about a new mobile phone should merit this considering that we are in a world that feels like people have already seen everything?

Huawei Honor V10 128GB

Lets slice and dice what this mobile phone has to offer even before we say YES!

– Hybrid Dual Sim (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by) – good for professionals who want to separate a business or work from their personal phone number

– Android 8.0 (Oreo) – latest Android OS with the latest apps and features in store

– Internal memory ranging from 128 GB, 6GB RAM or 64 GB, 4/6GB RAM – more storage for your files, songs, movies, pictures, and downloads! Wooohooo!

– Card Slot – unlike other mobile phones that you’d have to pick between internal and an external, this phone has the best of both worlds – allowing up to 256 GB

– Choose your color! – this phone also comes in different color variants such as Navy Blue, Midnight Black, Beach Gold, Aurora Blue and Charm Red – different colors for different personalities!

– Screen size of 5.99″ – for those who love to play games, access their emails or watch movies/videos using their mobile phones, this phone gives the maximum viewing experience to its users.

– Octa-core + i7 processor – talk about having the power and speed of a laptop in a compact mobile phone that you can carry anytime, anywhere

Huawei Honor V10 128GB

Are we excited to see what the largest smartphone manufacturer has in store for us?

Ladies and gentlemen, professionals, students and freelancers, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd now brings you Huawei Honor V10. People who have taken advantage of this product has nothing but good things to say, from the screen display to the available memory and even with the appearance and performance of the phone. So why don’t you join the gang, purchase and upgrade to this new release and start experiencing all the best things that this Huawei Honor V10 128GB has to offer!




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