Every iNew’s Creation Has Their Outstanding Excellence

Unlike Xiaomi, which is a famous cell phone manufacturer in domestic market that enjoy great reputation for its performance and cost-effective, iNew is just an emerged star but walking on the same path towards success compare to Xiaomi. Despite of the deficiency in some terms and conditions, any of iNew’s product has its own feature and trait that worth-mentioned.

iNew i4000s 5-inch MTK6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz SmartphoneAs one of young generation, I can totally understand the miserable “traffic jam” when browsing Internet pages, playing games or handling some vital operations when needed, a spur of crushing the smartphone will come out from your mind disputably, so iNew i4000s is the solution because of the built-in 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, which is an advanced and sophisticated technology even compare to well-known smartphones. You can easily run any heavy assignment or multiple application simultaneously, break any barricades blocking in front of you. A smooth and fluent experience is always available for you.

Whereas, simple just fast is inadequate, first impression is the key to boost sales. iNew i8000 iNew i8000 5.5-inch MTK6582M 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphoneis designed to chase extremely aesthetic. Adopting flat and smooth western design with ultra narrow bezel, revealing a sense of mistery, demonstrate the entire looking noble and elegant, shine but low key. Presenting at vital occasions like conference, evening reception, meetings with such an gorgeous smartphone, disputable it will enhanced your personal glamour and elegant taste substantially.

iNew i3000T 5.0-inch 16GB ROM MTK6589T 1.5GHz Quad-core SmartphoneWhat’s more, how can we underestimate the importance of variety that bringing enjoyment and convenience indeed. iNew i3000T is the representative that equipped with various small gadgets and applications. Various formats recognition, massive TF extend card, numerous languages, enhanced GPS among many others, which bringing assistance and convenience widely when necessary. Needless to declare how helpful those innovative applications like OTG, Gravity sensor is. How comprehensive it is.

Overall, although iNew is not popular as those large smartphone companies internationally, however, all of their creations has their own feature and trait, more importantly, they are growing in positive way and disputably will enjoy a blooming prospect around the corner.

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