Even The Toughest Outdoor Smartphone Needs Maintenance As Well

You may mock the question “Should I spare my outdoor smartphone a protective case?” at the moment you heard, however, think deeper, you will realize protection and maintenance extreme essential for outdoor smartphone as well. Here are the tips to keep your device vibrant and brand new.
Hummer H5 4-inch Waterproof Outdoor Sports Amateur Smartphone
First and foremost, you have to remind yourself that even tremendous outdoor smartphone like Hummer H5 Waterproof can generate waterproof resistance temporarily, an hours maximum. Hence, it is advisable to keep it away from moisture environment for long time in case of exquisite component parts inside rusting and fail to work. Mind you, it is not an ideal choice to carry it when taking a bath or hot spring bath because even the toughest fuselage will swell thanks to the heat, in other words, even if the highest 8 level anti-water protection is useless to stop water from invading.

We all acknowledge that built-in battery is the guarantee of standby time and fabulous smartphone performance, add to ultra large battery capacity, you have to pay double attention to its maintenance in particular. Disputably it is advisable to pack it with cloth and deposit it in place where seldom temperature fluctuation happen. Besides, brand new battery will reach optimum performance only after two or three times charge or discharge cycle. On the other hand, when the smartphone is charged, you’d better pull out the charger in a timely manner because overcharge for long time will ruin lifespan of battery without question.
Hummer H1+ 3.54-inch Waterproof Outdoor Sports Amateur Smartphone
In addition, every time your outdoor smartphone was soaked by seawater, it must be soaked into pure water for a few minutes in order to get rid of salt, which is a corrosive substance that even authentic IP67 Hummer H1+ Waterproof can not suffer damage like this. After the process by pure water, it is forbid to dry it out by electric hair dryer, why? The hot air will accelerate moisture invading the fuselage more faster, which is similar to the maintenance mentioned above.

Last but not least, no other than extra accessories or appropriate methods, it is crucial to cultivate a decent consciousness taking good care of your outdoor smartphone at anytime anywhere.

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