Essential Accessories To Integrate Your iNew V7

We all acknowledge that iNew V7 is a highly cost-effective Quad-core smartphone with aesthetic image and smooth lines, but such an excellence is never indestructible unless with their “family members”– essential iNew V7 accessories.
iNew V7 5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
As we always do, make a purchase of protective case, naturally, iNew V7 Back Case will be an optimum option. Its superb originality according to original iNew V7 has ensured 100% compatibility without a doubt, so easy to install and remove as you wish. In addition, under the precondition of decent protection against unconscious scratch, bumpy, shock and dust ingress, it still can fit the whole shape perfectly without interrupting smooth and comfortable holding sensation, what a true balance!
Clear PC Protective Back Case For iNew V7
Mention about all-around protection, iNew V7 Screen Protector is the last jigsaw of perfection. In accordance with original specification, barely will an inch of redundancy existed, instead, what available is nothing but crucial resistance. No fingerprints, no scratches, no greasy, no dust can break such a solid defense it offered, even the screen is smashed into fragment, it still can hold all of them together in case of hurting anyone. In addition, all the pure visual impact, legibility derive from V7 will never be influenced even though sticking to an extra layer of flip.
High Bright Transparent Screen Protector For iNew V7
Last but not least, as you may imagine, removable replacement battery is a member of “The Musketeer” that offered superb convenience, iNew V7 2200mAh battery is no an exception. Surely it is a more reliable battery compare to portable power bank because of excellent originality, no other than such an important originality and lithium material to be contented inside, safety is guaranteed, scarcely will explosion, overheat or short circuit happens. In addition, its advantage of solving battery shortage problem instantly is unsurpassed, even for high efficiency power bank.
Original 2100mAh Battery For iNew V7
Taken as a whole, need it or not actually, I conceive it will be a good idea to spare iNew V7 accessories above if you keen for first class user experience to be maintained.

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