Enjoying the Smartphone Future Technology with Xiaomi mi mix


The beauty of any Smartphone is its concept and design that makes the user feel classy and have a particular ideal that makes their daily live fun. Having a Smartphone that gives us the glimpse of the future is quite exciting, and at the same time, they portray the slabs of glass with a magical lie of future technology. The xiaomi mi has come up with Xiaomi mix and Xiaomi mix 2 Smartphones that has a flashy design.

 xiaomi mi mix phone

The Xiaomi mi mix phone

The xiaomi mi mix phone is a unique series in the market that offers a high-tech and high-end series of beauty and technology in all the Xiaomi Smartphones and its known to have the highest performance level in the industry.

The xiaomi mi mix phone has a massive display of 6.4 inches and its made of ceramic material. This makes it have a gleaming and sleek look that is an eye-catching and substantial body. It comes with a premium leather case to give it a high-end look and the high-quality back and sides that have prominent power and various volume buttons. It comes with USB-C port and headphone jack, and it also has the fingerprint reader and rear element camera. The xiaomi mix has 1080p display with Quad HD that makes entertainment more real. The IPS screen makes streaming YouTube videos and gaming more enjoyable. The performance is just incredible with Snapdragon 821 and a 6GB RAM and MIUI speed that is smooth and multifunctional. The audio speaker is surprising superb, and its 16mp rear camera is what you need to capture your happy moments.

 xiaomi mi mix phone

The Xiaomi mix 2

The xiaomi mi mix 2 is the latest and the hottest Smartphone in the market and it comes with minimal bezel display making it attention grasper. The phone comes with an IPS LCD of 5.99 inches making it less than its predecessor and making it easier to hold and prevent from slipping. Additionally, it has a ceramic body that is pleasing design, and the back has a stunning shinning beauty with some few elements that breaks out the sheen. The mi mix 2 also has rounded edges and sides with curves that make it looks entirely different from Xiaomi Mi Mix. The distinctiveness and familiarity of xiaomi mix 2 have a display that stretches to its top with a front camera located on the bottom and a great proximity sensor return making it more classy and unique. It also comes with a small slit on the top to host the phone speaker, and the performance with 6GB or 8 GB is quite multitasking.

 xiaomi mi mix phone

If you need to feel on top of the world and enjoy the latest technology on Smartphones you need to check out the xiaomi mi mix phone, and for more advanced features that give a touch to the future check out mi mix 2. Even better, you can find so many xiaomi smartphone accessories such as the xiaomi mi5 accessories and the MI MIX high-quality cases. xiaomi mi mix 2


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