Enjoy the sound beauty of the nature


If you will listen to music at least 10 mins every day like me, then I will totally recommend you to try a more professional earphones except for your cellphone’s original headphones. You might think the original headphones sounds alright and you don’t want to spend lots of extra money. In fact, if you have tried the earphones with professional technology and sound effect, you can totally feel the differences. Besides, a high-quality HiFi earphones don’t have to be very expensive. The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro Three Drivers Graphene Earphone is a perfect example.

xiaomi headphones pro hd

Sky, earth, everything sound

The sky and the earth that nurture everything, always convey the release and combination of sound, but also to find the source of inspiration, birdsong, water, thunder, wind whistling different voices blend with each other to jointly play the nature of the true.


Double dynamic + balance armature, three drivers provides more details. The new xiaomi headphones pro hd adopts the creative “dynamic+balance armature”drivers and integrated three drivers into the earphones. Dual dynamic drivers provide you the strong and stable bass, meanwhile, on account of graphene material, the sound will become more detailed. In addition, balanced armature driver delivers the clear and natural tenor for you.

 xiaomi headphones pro hd

A balanced good voice, all in heart

In order to realize the balanced high, middle, and low sound frequency, the xiaomi in-ear headphones adopt the dual dynamic drivers.

xiaomi headphones pro hd

A better sound transmitter

Graphene is one of the thinnest and high-strength material in the world. It can provide the quicker sound transmission and 100%original signal of the circuit, so that you will enjoy the real HiFi music.


Undistorted sound detail

The self-developed balanced armature structure enables you to enjoy the exquisite, realistic and stable music. No matter what kind of music, it always brings you the original emotion of composer.

xiaomi headphones pro hd

Extraordinary design

With 45 degree oblique angle xiaomi earbuds design, the xiaomi headphones pro hd can perfectly fit your ear and bring you the comfortable wearing. Meanwhile, it also can effectively reduce the surrounding noise.


Just enjoy the pure music world and the beautifully sound of the nature in your heart!

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