Enjoy your music time with the bluedio a2

Many of you like me, are interested in listening to music and with the inventions of audio devices or Bluetooth headphones, we all get the amazing experience like we are viewing it live. A news just recently broke that the headphones are becoming more and more futuristic with advancement in battery life of them and the costs getting lower by the day. The specializes in this very matter has launched a Bluetooth headphone with many features we could not have expected but, before talking about the headphone let’s talk about the company who made it named.


Bluedio being the pioneer of this field has made many headphones and audio devices which are amazing enough to be bought by every individual who loves music. Not only that the products are highly futuristic and easy to use but also the prices of this products are very affordable for every person whether that is a student or some expert of music.

 bluedio a2

Features of bluedio a2

A specific headphone which I love by bluedio is bluedio a2. It is amazingly beautiful and the features it has are going to blow away your mind.

 bluedio a2

I know many of us want that our Bluetooth headphones should be working for long time and the charging time of the headphone being way lesser. This headphone is an example of that feature with the amazing battery which allows you to use it for 3 whole hours for call and music with a charge of just 10 minutes. How amazing that would be considering that we would love to use headphones at all-time without any disconnect with our music world.


With headphone being good on battery, they are made of a polymer which makes them easy to carry or even to fold or in some matters even to twist them. This is a very special feature of this headphone, as we all want that our headphone is flexible enough be used in any position and also if we want to put it somewhere with security then we can fold it without breaking the handle.

 bluedio a2

The most important part of bluedio a2, in my opinion, is their ear cups and this phone using the protein foam in those is making me love them a lot. The foam used in this headphone ear cups allows it to soft and ventilated enough that, no matter how long you wear, you will not compromise on comfort. Humans are different and their heads are too and for this reason, the slide shaft of this phone is flexible and feasible enough that you can extend it to 8 shafts for every making it wearable by every individual with any head forms.


That is not all. The design and color of bluedio a2 are amazingly beautiful and go through with every color scheme of your room or so. This headphone comes in two colors with China and doodle being the mashup of western and Chinese culture. The difference in fashion, the ambiance and the personality are what bluedio wants for you by these headphones.

 bluedio a2

If you ask me, then it has made my life amazing. With the battery life bigger, I am able to use this headphone without any worry and with easy connection of this headphone with my LED TV, I am able to use it for whole night without even thinking about charging it fully again as this phone will allow you to play on it for 33+ hours of music and play time. I mean how amazing this headphone could be and in the price range which is affordable for every individual.








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