Elephone P7 Series

Perhaps you have no idea what Elephone is, maybe you don’t have any recognition about Elephone’s smartphone, however, by first impression only, you will be impressed by its conciseness and modern appearance, surely you will fond of it after experiencing its excellence.

Elephone P7 Blade 5.5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core SmartphoneUnlike most unknown smartphones with tiny display screen, Elephone P7 adopted fruity western design and smooth fuselage, added to pure main color, demonstrate the device modern and concise. Moreover, covered with an revolutionize 5.5-inch display screen with an resolution of 960*540 pixels, a decent reading environment and vivid display effect is available, user can enjoy a wonderful meal of broader visual. Moreover, came with excellent 2.0MP+8.0MP first class camera combination, more precious moments or beautiful sceneries can be captured freely. When reviewing the pictures, which is legible without magnify, has surprised you substantially. Combined to various formats recognition, any documents with various formats can be read and transformed easily, how considerate Elephone P7 is.

In contrast, Elephone P7 MiniElephone P7 Mini 5 Inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone equipped with a smaller display screen surprisingly, why? It has its reasons. Covered with smaller display panel with exactly the same resolution, making the display effect more clearer and legible under any conditions. More importantly, a smaller display panel benefits better operation, it is either too large for operation by one hand or too small for a better display effect and game playing. Combine to various useful gadgets like GPS, flashlight, OTG, offering adequate assistance when necessary. Such an outstanding performance on delicate display touch screen and stable processor, no wonder Elephone P7 Mini has enjoyed great reputation among consumers internationally.

All in all, despite of larger or smaller dimension display scree, Elephone P7 series is always the optimum choice, leading you to the top of modern era, bringing more enjoyment and convenience in your daily life.

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