Elephone P5000 Brings A Gracious Life

Let me name some configurations first, MTK6592 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, 5.5-inch 1080P 440PPI screen, 8MP+16MP camera, all of these belongs to an unprecedented Elephone P5000 and will bound to be the symbol of it, moreover, it brings a gracious life.

Elephone P5000

Fingerprint ID

In future, fingerprint ID will bound to be part of smartphone, an unique fingerprint ID helps conveniently unlock the screen by one touch only, how simple, not even without PIN, just like the famous iPhone series. Mind you, it is beneficial for privacy security additionally as fingerprint is unmatched.

Elephone P5000 5350mAh

How to define a gracious life? For a smartphone, it should equip with a tiny built-in battery with stunningly large capacity, just like Elephone P5000 Smartphone. With 5350mAh battery, which is three times more than normal cell phone, it provides 300 hours standby time, 15 hours 3G surfing time and countless recreation time, is it exactly what you want for gracious life?

Elephone P5000 NFC

To live a gracious life, you still need some help from technology and it is ideal to start with NFC. You can easily commit a mobile payment, not even without cash, access to public transportation, identify your digital ID, access to entrance, ticking and among any others with one Elephone P5000 only, all of these comes from NFC.

Elephone P5000 OTG

Coming with OTG, Elephone P5000 Smartphone is still the key to more convenience. It is possible to achieve data interchange between smartphone and MP4, MP3, U disk directly. Moreover, freely can you connect it to printer and print anything you want, which is good for productivity. Behold, you still can read most portable device via one simple USB cable only, how effortless!

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