Same Elephone P3000 Series, Dissimilar User Experience

Without over-emphasize a stunning configuration stem from brand new Elephone P3000 series, new generation 4G FDD-LTE network enjoyment, gesture recognition function and true eight core processor are the center of all attention without a doubt, however, are they as enjoyable as we expect?
Elephone P3000 5-inch 4G LTE MTK6582+6290 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
First and foremost, as a four-core smartphone made in China, Elephone P3000 is impressive in my kind of view because most devices in identical level are no more than just large screen and same MediaTek processor, better camera at most, however, I can actually experience an unprecedent fast 4G LTE network here at Elephone P3000. Of course, sometimes network environment is a little bit deteriorated under location uncovered by signal, overall, I will give a big round of applause to this marvelous improvement.

In addition, surely an everlasting topic of Elephone P3000 is convenient during my experience. I felt my smartphone much safer with another layer of fingerprint identification protection, not to mention password be leaked. Besides, any application I fancy can be activated in a simpler way–hand-painted a simple pattern only, which is useful if you are terribly busy. Of course, it is probably the first time I can enjoyed hands-free operation through gesture wake up function, switch music, flick page can be done by waving hands, what an interesting design!
Elephone P3000s 5-inch 4G LTE MTK6592+6290 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone
As an upgraded version of previous one, Elephone P3000s is highly-anticipated naturally, there is no suspense it is inseparable with 1.7GHz Octa-core processor. Honestly, although reacting and processing speed is much faster than its four-core processor version, two times faster approximately, whereas, I reckon its stability and barricade free performance will be better if the frequency will be improved on the next generation. Anyway, it is an undeniable true eight-core smartphone enjoyment.
Elephone P3000s 5-inch 4G LTE MTK6592+6290 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone
On the other hand, apart from true eight-core processor, an enhanced 2GB RAM is the key to extraordinary internal performance, under the precondition of fast processing, I still can installed a double more applications and ran few of them simultaneously, even activate Whatsapp, Facebook, Firefox browser and other large games is question-less.

Apparently, seems that Elephone P3000s is an upgraded version of Elephone P3000, however, not until taking a fully advantage of both devices will you know the experience completely different.

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