Elephone, Low Price But Better Performance

Undisputably there are so many fashionable smartphones with superb performance you can find out concurrently, however, we may take substantial consideration before making the decision even we have abundant budget. Under low budget circumstance, you need to pay more attention of each dollar you spend, hence, I strongly recommend to you the below two Elephone’s smartphone.

Elephone P9C is the one famous for its practicability, which has enjoyed great reputation among consumers. It adopted an ultra large 5-inch Gorilla Glass 2 display screen, combined to the slim fuselage with pure main color, demonstrate the cell phone elegant and noble. Thanks to the high resolution so that users can enjoy the wonderful display effect wherever you go. Moreover, the kernel matches its reasonable price. Equipped with a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, you can enjoy the smooth and fluent usage when access to information from Internet, handling multiple assignments or playing large games. Added to the multiple functions like decent camera combination, various formats recognition, helpful gadgets and among many others.Elephone P9C has embodied its practicability thoroughly.

Whereas, Elephone P9 focus more on its advancement. Just simply practicability can not attract consumers but advancement, which satisfy the demand for most users. Elephone P9 has made several breakthroughs on terms and conditions. Prominently, it adopted the same dimension screen but with a higher resolution, up to 1280*720 pixels, besides, combined to 5D cambered surface gorillas glass 2, a broader perspective and vivid display effect will be available for new users, definitely they will enjoy themselves with such a tremendous environment. MoreElephone P9 Water 5-inch 2GB RAM MT6592 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone importantly, it has enhanced the kernel with a 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, needless to declare how fast and smooth it is, you will find out the difference especially running large programs or playing huge games. In addition, the retail price is less than two hundred dollars, surely you will take it into consideration.

Nevertheless, every penny you spend should be cost-effective, with the above outstanding performance and reasonable price, they are the best choices without a doubt.

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