DOOGEE Is Well-suited For Any Usage

Cooperate with Villarreal CF, which is a famous football club in Spanish Football League, DOOGEE is well-known in Western European market especially in Spain. However, as Roma wasn’t built in a day, DOOGEE has gradually won people’s attention and trust by their variety and excellence in all aspects. Contributing smartphones with different usages for different occasions that can satisfy consumer’s demand thoroughly.
DOOGEE COLLO3 DG110 4-inch MTK6572 1.0GHz Dual-core Smartphone
If you are wondering what should be sent as gift on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, bringing happiness as well as convenience, expressing your wildest love to them, why not choose DOOGEE DG110? Walking on the opposite directly of main stream, it is the one designed for elder people particularly. Without flashy outward and advanced configuration, every detail is surefooted and succinct. A proper 4-inch screen enable larger visual, any information can be read easily. Meanwhile, radio, camera, various network sources among any others are in position, offering any assistance when necessary. Similar to DOOGEE’s concept, surefooted and honest, DOOGEE DG110 can always accompany your parents even you can’t always be together with them.
DOOGEE DG150 3.5-inch 512MB RAM MTK6572W Outdoor Smartphone
On the contrary, another one from DOOGEE is completely different from any other smartphone you can image–an outdoor smartphone. Suitable for outdoor enthusiasms who fancy challenge their limitation or for long term traveling, DOOGEE DG150 can meet their aspiration substantially. It is a fortitude and powerful cell phone at everyone’s first impression. Covered with thick protection, which generate adequate resistance against bumpy, water, shock or another accidental damages effectively, you can easily take it along wherever you go. Moreover, multiple of network sources and tiny helpful gadgets are available if emergency happens, first aid or requirement is guaranteed. Needless to explain numerous applications like email, flashlight, built-in chip recorder that can bringing more entertainment to kill the boring time outside. How considerable DOOGEE DG150 is.

Anyway, the above two are just tip of iceberg, there are still more cell phones with various functionality and suitable for any usages, whereas, seems that DOOGEE is always the one come across in your mind because of its excellence in all aspects.

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