DOOGEE Is A Surefooted Enterprise

As CEO from DOOGEE once said, their future orientation is no longer confined in Western European market, instead, they focuses on the development all around the world. It is the speech before the release of DOOGEE DG310, which is the latest product about to launch within a few weeks. Review the history of DOOGEE, it is not hard to discover the reason why is it so successful for the past few years.
DOOGEE Voyager 2 DG310 5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
DOOGEE DG300, probably the hottest selling cell phone in the history of DOOGEE, why? High cost-effective is the key to such achievement. Unlike modern smartphone with high configuration and equipment, it just possessed with 5-inch display touch screen with just passable resolution, however, a legible reading environment is still guaranteed. What’s more, equipped with 1.3GHz Dual-core processor only, whereas, a smooth and fast processing is still available under most circumstance. Maybe most of you will not take it into consideration at first glance only, however, came with only $90 retail price, which particularly suitable for people who has low budget and don’t like being complex. The correct orientation has created the success today.
DOOGEE Voyager DG300 5-inch MTK6572 1.3GHz Dual-core Smartphone
What’s more, as an upgrade version of DG300, DOOGEE DG450 has inherited most of the former advantages and made several breakthroughs in terms and conditions. The most prominent one is on processor. It particularly replace dual-core by stronger Quad-core processor, indeed, the processing is way faster and smoother than previous one. More attractive it is for its price as well, labeled the price tag of 100USD only, seems that it is hard to make a choice between DG300 and DG450 as their cost-effective is un-precedently high.
DOOGEE LATTE DG450 4.5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Following the fast developing step, DOOGEE has gradually reached industry standard internationally, DOOGEE DG650S is the best expression. Simply open the configuration chart, you will find it upscaled in all aspects, over 6 inch display screen, world’s first eight-core processor, massive internal space, extraordinary camera combination among many others. Though the price is higher than the above two generation cell phones, however, seeing is believing, once get it touch with it, you will find it worthy without a doubt.

Rather than flashy outward with inferior internal, DOOGEE is always exert their surefooted spirit in contributing every single cell phone to consumers thoroughly. Walking in the right path, following the steps towards success, no wonder it has enjoyed great reputation in Western European market, surely it will have a bright prospect in future.

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