This is What Makes Doogee Smartphone Your Best Option

Whether you are a technical expert in the field or not, choosing the best smartphone nowadays is one of the most overwhelming situations you can encounter. Initially, people relied on top brands for quality smartphones. However, with the emergence of other promising brands, things have taken a different dimension. And yes, with so many manufacturers already in the industry, the market is currently flooded by countless smartphone models, each coming with its uniqueness. Therefore, to end up with that ideal smartphone, you have to sift through all these varieties keenly looking for the one with the best features. Luckily, to rid you of the hassle, we tested more than a few options in the bid to find the best deal for you- DOOGEE BL9000 Smartphone could be what you are looking for!


DOOGEE BL9000 Smartphone

This 5.99-inch smartphone comes in a beautiful black. However, just in case black isn’t your thing, it is also available in blue. The gadget features a lightweight design hence you can easily pocket it anywhere you go. The ergonomically designed edges pair with other functionalities to deliver customer experience like no other. For deeper information about this model, let us dig in to explore some of the amazing specs.



Advanced Processor:

The Helio-p23 Octa-core processor boasts an amazing speed of 2GHz. This speed allows for quick processing of user commands to ensure smooth operation. Moreover, this CPU is energy efficient hence won’t drain the battery as most processors do.

Advanced locking functionality:

DOOGEE smartphone comes with a number of locking options for you. You can choose to use the precise rear fingerprint locking or the advanced face ID which uses the powerful front camera recognition capabilities.


Large Memory:

Coming with 6-GB RAM, this smartphone can handle several commands simultaneously in a snap. For the game lovers, nothing will provide a smoother gaming experience than this smartphone. The large storage space of 64 GB provides plenty of space to save your files.

Large Battery Capacity:

This gadget comes equipped with a built-in 9000mAh battery that keeps the device powered for days in a single charge. Additionally, the gadget supports wireless charging and is compatible with the 5V-2A cordless chargers. Just place the gadget on the panel to power it again!


Tripple cameras:

If you are a photography enthusiast, or maybe find yourself taking footages more often, this smartphone comes equipped with three cameras, two at the rear side and a single front camera. The 8MP front delivers an 88-degree angle and has a face beauty mode. The two 12 MP and 5.0 MP rear cameras are equipped with Sony sensors for breathtaking pictures.


It is a Dual-Sim smartphone.

It has a lightweight design since it only weighs 275 grams.

The price is pocket-friendly.

The cordless charging eliminates the hassle of wires.

It is easy to use.



Only available in 2 color varieties.


The fact remains that choosing the best smartphone in the market can be a real hassle to anyone. And since comparing all the options can be tedious, we recommend that you consider giving DOOGEE BL9000 a shot. It comes with a number of impressive features all at an affordable price.

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