Dissimilar ASUS ZenFone Cases For The Same Protection

Protective case can be split into numerous categories by design, framework, process, material and so on, naturally, the overall decorative effect, class of protection, intents and purpose are not the same as well. However, one thing we can for sure, the essence of protection will never change.
View Window Diary Flip PU Leather Case for ASUS Zenfone 5
Take one simple example, Leather Case for ASUS Zenfone 5, which deployed one of the sleekest flip design with viewable window as well as colorful coating, looks beautiful, but it is still a protective case in the final analysis. The built-in inner hard case is the best demonstration that ensure the entire device to be fastened tightly in case of falling down unconsciously. In addition, don’t easily underestimate the front flip coverage designed for stand-able function, in fact, no other than a PU leather flip can it generate ample resistance against scratch, bump, dust and impact to be exerted on the screen directly. You can enjoy convenience derive from flip design and viewable window only under the precondition of all-around safety, isn’t it?
TPU Silicon Soft Protective Case For ASUS ZenFone 6
Moreover, despite of huge discrepancy on prime material, Soft Case For ASUS ZenFone 6 can still be your guardian to defend smartphone against damages effectively. It is not so much a stylish design for aesthetic as considerate layer of protection. We all acknowledge that TPU and Silicon material are tough and strengthen, which can not be a more appropriate material to protect itself from inside out. On the other hand, can you believe that such a special material can absorb and reduce vibration every time it shocked and compacted? In fact, all these features and advantages can be maintained even under extreme hot or cold weathers.

Apparently, all these additional functions, beautiful decorative effect and extreme touchable holding sensation are pleasant, but what’s the point if comprehensive protection is not guaranteed?

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