Display Of Meizu M1, Where Authentic Aesthetic Derive From

Well-known as a mini version of M1 Note, Meizu M1, which gathered MTK6732 Quad-core processor and 4G LTE as well as stunningly inexpensive 161USD price together, has always be despised by its “contemporaries”, even potential consumer, but even so it definitely is a master, particularly in the aspect of display effect.
Meizu M1 4G LTE 5-inch 8GB MTK6732 Quad-core SmartphoneAs you may know, Meizu M1 Smartphone has made great effort on the display section. Not pinky and perky but authentic Corning Gorilla Glass 3rd screen in golden ratio 5-inch dimension, whilst the resolution is just special and distinctive, 1280*768 pixels, for squeeze out extra staggering visual impact only. Besides, with the helping hand of GFF full lamination, even though you have no idea what it is, the brightness will up to 450cd/m1 with 2048 level of brilliance control, which is the key to more legible, fruity and luminous display effect.
Meizu M1 4G LTE 5-inch 8GB MTK6732 Quad-core SmartphoneFacts speaks louder than words, in order to know how good can it be, I particularly find out several information. 5-inch screen has surpassed 50% of 1918 smartphones, but obviously it isn’t the larger, the better, such an appropriate proportion is enough in contrast. Furthermore, regarding to screen legibility, a real 299PPI that stem from Meizu M1 4G LTE smartphone is way outperform than 69% of other smartphones, no wonder it is no exaggeration to say it a redefinition of visual impact.
Meizu M1 4G LTE 5-inch 8GB MTK6732 Quad-core SmartphoneAlthough 5-inch dimension seems to be a “regression” in the mainstream of large screen era, however, hardware configuration as terrific as the one from M1 undoubtedly is advantageous, at least at spots below. To be proved as a golden ratio, such a prim and proper dimension will bound to benefit convenient and comfortable one-hand control, even for people with small hand. On the other hand, large doesn’t mean enjoyable, the reason why it has to designed in the way like this can’t be separated with optimum legibility, appropriate perspective and exhaust-less displaying effect. By the way, it is quite beneficial in the aspect of power saving.
Meizu M1 4G LTE 5-inch 8GB MTK6732 Quad-core SmartphoneIn short, it is inevitable for M1 to be criticized by netizen, but one thing we can for sure, it is accepted by its fans, users by a wide margin, more importantly, by new generation.

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