Dispensable Accessory For iPhone 6

As every coin has its two sides, on that occasion when iPhone 6 launched officially, we all are delighted and can’t wait to embrace such an exquisite enjoyment derive from unprecedent large screen. However, if I may, please remind ourselves the “side-effect” caused by this massive screen in deed–inconvenient operation, which can be understand as too large for comfortable operation as well.
2 In 1 Capacitive Screen Stylus Pen For Phones or Devices
Dissimilar to Samsung smartphone with ultra large screen which a built-in practical pen will be attached aiming at more comfortable operation disputably, whereas, iPhone 6 series won’t, never mind, 2 In 1 Capacitive Screen Stylus Pen can help you out on this dilemma. As if virtual pen to be used in daily life frequently, it particularly adopted immersive pen style fuselage with two nibs on each pole, which can be utilized as a multi-functional pen disputably. On one hand, at the moment when any writing assignment is needed, freely can you use it as a read pen that writing as smooth as ordinary stationary. On the other hand, when having any operations through the touch screen, straightly turn the pen upside down can a touch pen be available whenever and wherever possible.
Multi-functional 6 in 1 Professional Stylus Pen for Mobile Phone
What’s more, now that iPhone 6 is tough for comfortable one hand control even for people with big hands, hence, a Multi-functional 6 in 1 Stylus Pen is so important than ever before. Came with half round flexible and durable nib to be used as virtual fingers, which can be fully applied to the control of operations, will benefit convenient usage whatsoever. Surfing new and information, playing tricky games, doodling among others are fully capable, just feel like as smooth as real touching. Accompany with this amazing stylus pen, the entire display screen will be managed properly even for any inch where your thumb can not reach.

All in all, although 2 In 1 Capacitive Screen Stylus Pen and Multi-functional 6 in 1 Stylus Pen are nothing but a platitudinous pen that can be found anywhere, however, believe it or not, it will be an dispensable accessory not only for iPhone 6 but also for similar ultra screen smartphones if you desire for true convenient operation.

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