Discover the Powerful Huawei Hi-Res Earphone Right Here!

Huawei is one of the top technology manufacturers today. The company is based in China and provides Information Communications and Technology (ICT) solutions. They have products in the fields of computing, telecommunication and mobile telephony. The company also has significant stake in the Cloud computing industry. Always innovating, Huawei is also one of the leading brands of consumer electronics. This is verified by some of their technologies such as the Huawei Hi-Res earphone. Here is more about this high quality product and how it can transform your audio experience.

Huawei Hi-Res


Connectivity and sound delivery

The Huawei Hi-Res earphone is a top of the range audio device. It allows you to hear clear, high-resolution sound whenever you play music or video in your smartphone. The unit is capable of providing digital sound output. It connects through a USB Type-C connector. As a result of this firm connectivity option, the unit is able to deliver a complete range of audio from delicate sounds to heavy bass.

Huawei Hi-Res

Beautiful design

This earphone has a simple, aesthetically pleasing design. It is available in white and has a dark grey mesh protecting the mini speakers in the ear bud section. This audio device is made of high quality, durable materials. Despite being strong, the rubber and plastic used to make the unit are soft to the touch. The earbud sections are tastefully designed. They have an angled, half in-ear shape which is comfortable and delivers excellent sound.


Handy controls

The Huawei Hi-Res earphone has an oval shaped, wired control button that has 3 keys. The buttons respond to a soft touch. They allow you to increase the volume, decrease it and also take a call. The microphone is also embedded in this control section. Fitted with noise reduction, the receiver is wind-resistant and allows you to take and make clear calls.


To maximize capability, the special button used for taking calls is versatile. This means that it can be used for other purposes. A short press answers an incoming call while a long press rejects it. When you are listening to music, a short press on this special button plays the track while another will promptly pause it. Pressing this button three times consecutively will play the previous song on your playlist while a double press will move you to the next song.

Huawei Hi-Res


The earphone has a cable that is 1.2 meters long. Users have commented that this length is perfect because it gives you enough room to move and operate your smartphone while still listening to music. Moreover, the audio device has a frequency of 20KHz. Upon purchase, you get one pair of Huawei Hi-Res earphone in the package. This earphone is specially designed for the Huawei Mate 10 smartphone model. However, it is also compatible with the Samsung S8 and Xiaomi 6 and some other Type-C devices. As such, this earphone is your perfect, audio companion.

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