DG900 Is Good, But It Will Be Better With Exclusive Case Assembled

Naturally, that incredibly amazing double Corning Gorilla Glass 3rd screen derive from DOOGEE DG900 has ensured superb fortitude and anti-scratch ability, which is impressive. Whereas, I still reckon it can be better in the aspect of overall performance with the protective cases below.
DOOGEE TURBO2 DG900 5-inch MTK6592 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone
Because of originality, DOOGEE DG900 View Window Case is the code word of excellence beyond all questions. A rigorous specification according to original DG900 will get rid off incompatibility completely, not to mention scratching the device every time when assemble or remove. Moreover, apart from fundamental resistance against accidental damage or stained substance, a small viewable window is a conspicuous specialty. It is much easier to check incoming calls or messages without unlock the case, more information like date and time, itinerary or memo can be displayed as you wish. In addition, a true convenience when making phone call is granted, you don’t even have to unlock the case when calling, just in case of touch screen be ruined by greasy or dust.
Original Smart View Window Leather Case For DOOGEE DG900
Of course, if you don’t take a fancy to protective case like this, then probably DOOGEE DG900 Flip PU Case can be a foremost choice among numerous options. Dissimilar to the one above, it rely on sticky strap be distributed on the inner side to fasten the device, sounds primitive but it even outperform than built-in hard case. Mind you, never will it leave an adhesive trace when remove it. Regarding to protection to be offered on the smartphone itself, it is “talented”. The adoption of flip PU leather coverage has provided comprehensive protection under any circumstance, which is basically. Of course, although it doesn’t come with viewable flip, however, a magnetic lock will allow convenient operation when necessary. In short, it will be an ideal case to be thought of.
Flip PU Leather Magnetic Protective Case For DOOGEE DG900
How possible can your terrific DG900 maintain brand new and fresh without the protection of case above? I doubt it!

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