Who Is Detail Hunter MEIZU MX4 Is!

As a new generation of “detail hunter”, MEIZU MX4, has inherited the determination on pursuing details thoroughly. Seems nothing change apparently, however, only when taking a fully advantage will you realize it how crazy about details, that’s the reason why it is never too exaggeration to say it born for details.
MEIZU MX4 4G LTE 5.36-inch 16GB ROM MTK6595 Octa-core Smartphone
Mention about ultra narrow bezel, MEIZU MX4 16GB is not so much a tradition of an entire series as embodiment of “obsession”, which may conceive even a lightly thick bezel will bother smooth operation. In deed, a 2.58mm thinner bezel is a true dazzling spot to sensational holding and convenient operation. Combined to slimmer fuselage rather than wider as well as matte back case, MEIZU MX4 has redefined true touchable user experience as all aspects are designed elaborately.
MEIZU MX4 4G LTE 5.36-inch 16GB ROM MTK6595 Octa-core Smartphone
Naturally, a true 1.7GHz Octa-core processor and latest 6595MTK CPU is the foundation to incredibly fast processing, accuracy, smoothness and stability, which is unnecessary to over-emphasized. On the contrary, a classic HOME button is another demonstration of detail-oriented. Under cool screen condition, simply just slide it up can it unlock the screen instantly. When there is incoming call or message unread, the button is exactly a breathing light aiming at reminding function. Despite of which interface are you in, by pressing HOME button gently can you return to previous place directly. Compare to previous version, there is no doubt that MEIZU MX4 32GB is more practical and humanized, all of these improvement is firmly the crystallization of details.
MEIZU MX4 4G LTE 5.36-inch 32GB ROM MTK6595 Octa-core Smartphone
Of course, no matter which MEIZU smartphone are we trying, Flyme user interface is always the center of all attention, MEIZU MX4 Smartphone is a typical case as well. A card-style tags has been inherited properly aiming at concise setting and better overall operation. The conformity of square application labels has garnished simple and neat user interface even better. Every time you operate, a concise and convenient interface will be presented thoroughly so that you can enjoy fast, smooth and convenient operation.

Among smartphone industry, software and hardware defines powerful performance while details defines success, accompany with the spirit to bottomless details like above, there is no reason for MEIZU MX4 not being the best of the best.

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