Deeper Elephone P3000s User Experience

In the view of most consumers who eager to experience virtual smartphone enjoyment, disputably Elephone P3000s will make you stunned and satisfied thanks to the deploy of gorgeous exterior, golden ratio display screen and incredible fast eight-core processor. However, for me, it is still as extraordinary as usual even discard the above “aesthetic” elements, why? A true user experience will prove it thoroughly.
Elephone P3000 5-inch 4G LTE MTK6582+6290 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Behind a beautiful appearance and explosive internal performance, I deem that seldom can we realize that Elephone P3000s is still a 4G LTE smartphone, hence, I put it on trail in particular. Although the network environment is still under stabilizing, whereas, what impressed me the most can not be separated with unbelievable fast speed, which is twice faster than 3G network approximately. It is liberal to surf on Internet, search information, download or upload large files in unprecedent fast pace. I can’t even came across tiny traffic jam or barricade during the whole utilization, how terrific it is.
Elephone P3000s 5-inch 4G LTE MTK6592+6290 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone
In addition, as an upgraded version of Elephone P3000, Elephone P3000s has inherited one of its prominent feature and advantage — gesture wake up function, which is convenient and amusing without a doubt. Simply just hand-painted a simple pattern can I activate the correspond application straightly. I still can modify the specific pattern as I wish, what a joy to use! Is such a convenient user experience a true enjoyment that we chase for all the time?
Elephone P3000s 5-inch 4G LTE MTK6592+6290 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone
Moreover, scarcely will I forget about wonderful camera experience caused by 5.0MP and 13.0MP camera combination. After tried several auto heterodyne, I found it surprisingly humanized because more modes like panorama, smile recognition, face beautification has facilitated ultimate shooting effect to perfection. Even recording beautiful scenery at night is totally question-less thanks to the deploy of intelligent flash light, which remedy adequate lighting and illumination substantially. Seeing is believing, surely you will fond of it gradually.

Believe it or not, you will be captured by the innovative fingerprint identification, outstanding Near Filed Communication, magical gesture sensing and convenient On To Go function as well. Only when taking fully advantage of Elephone P3000s will you know how excellent the user experience is. You deserve this journey.

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