CUBOT S168, A Standard Middle-end Smartphone

Everything is never easy to be a standard, middle-end smartphone is not an exception especially under an era smartphone industry booming in a rapid pace. Apart from high cost performance which we judge as basic precondition, comprehensive internal performance has now became the essence of standard middle-end smartphone like CUBOT S168.
CUBOT S168 5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Simply just leave the smartphone alone for a while, though it is sensitive, like it or not, the price tag is what potential consumers cares the most, particularly for people with low budget. Of course, all of us including me are keen to make a purchase on better smartphone in lower cost, however, we have to admit that the cost less than $170 from CUBOT S168 is appealing even compare to most cell phones in identical level.
CUBOT S168 5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Of course, if we combine reasonable cost to excellent competences together, this is what we call high cost performance, CUBOT S168 Smartphone is the best demonstration, which redefine standard middle-end smartphone. Comprehensive configurations no other than processor is highly-anticipated, can a sophisticated 1.3GHz four-core processor as well as latest OS satisfy your demand? In fact, all stable operate environment, fast process and competence on handling multiple applications can not be separated with it. Add to a standard 1GB RAM and larger 8GB ROM, you now can enjoy more than you can expect.
CUBOT S168 5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
I reckon none of modern smartphone in different level will not equip their device with larger screen, but not all of them are “readable” thanks to dissimilar screen resolution proportion. To balance terrific displaying and legibility as well as comfortability, CUBOT S168 Smartphone deployed an optimum 960*540 pixels elaborately, hence, neither will you feel displaying too vague to read or feel exhausted even reading in depth. What a joy to watch.

Last but not least, except for the above temptations, the adoption of comprehensive applications which is useful and helpful all the time like decent camera, A-GPS and so on are adopted properly. Without exaggerated compliment, there is no suspense CUBOT S168 a definition of standard middle-end smartphone, which will bound to be a cornerstone around the corner.

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