CUBOT R8, Just A Beautiful Vase?

Obviously not! CUBOT R8 Smart Watch is more than just a flashy vase with nothing inside, alternatively, you will be staggered at how comprehensive can it be, even way beyond your imagination.
Dressing collocation
Seriously? I kid you not, exactly as elegant leather strap, exquisite and compact fuselage, polished bezel and silver edging, CUBOT R8 naturally is an ideal “watch” of sleek dressing collocation, even for wedding, party, business trip, conference or vital occasions.

Exercise partner
Surely there is nothing more enjoyable than putting this smart watch on and running in the park at Sunday morning! In fact, apart from aquatic, you can take it along when running, cycling, playing ball games, fishing and so on as an intelligent pedometer is able to seize distance, steps and calorie consumption easily, why not? To make it more scientific.
Outdoor activity
Sounds crazy, but CUBOT R8 Bluetooth Watch is just right for the part. Apart from pedometer function aforementioned, the adoption of altimeter, barometer, thermometer is able to show you direction and environment info whenever and wherever possible, just for better outdoor experience.

Office If you are in terribly busy, you just can separate from CUBOT R8, on one hand, you seldom have to be haunted with missing call, all phone call will synchronize to the watch directly and alert you via vibration.
Besides, it can show you itinerary, time and important notes when necessary. More importantly, it is your health keeper to remind you of taking a rest regularly. BTW, if you have a nice smart watch like CUBOT R8, why not showing off the gear.

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